Sports Flag

The influence of solidarity: Makes a difference in every game.

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Powering the world’s most watched sports

We’re proud to have our revolutionary quality flags featured, sponsored & hoisted at some of the world’s greatest sporting events: IPL, Olympics, Formula 1, AFC Asian Cup, NFL, MLB! Heck, from Kabadi to Rugby: There probably isn’t a sport left where our flags haven’t been used.

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From your pocket to the stadium

Cheer obtrusively!
Don’t let it’s size fool you. Our sports flags maybe easy to slip right into your pocket, but yet it’s just as remarkable to hold. And behold. All our sports flags are fine & vibrant, with UV resistance & fast colours. It’s stunningly beautiful – on a whole new level.

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Superfine screen print

It’s not just faster, it’s just right.
Screen-printing is the most traditional method of flag making. Our superior-quality dyestuff is applied onto the fine screens & then squeezed out onto the fabric, which vividly penetrates through the material giving vibrant colours on both sides. It’s the ideal method for volume production. But our ability to accommodate artworks of any size, numerous colours, and the flexibility with which we built our machines to efficiently operate semi-automatic or fully automatic as necessary – is what makes it the perfect solution.

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Every detail detailed

In just about everything.
Pick up our sports flags of any size, and you’ll instantly notice how immaculate it feels. That’s because everything about it is the result of careful consideration. Every detail serves a purpose. It’s printed from the finest silk screens to give absolute print accuracy. But when you hold it in your hands and feel it – that’s when you’ll know how unbelievably beautiful they are.