india table or desk flag with a chrome plated plastic stand / base

Single Miniature Table Flag With A Chrome Plated Plastic Base


Stunning metalized chrome-plating and our superfine Lantana Silk, veil our #1 table flag, for an even classier look. Shimmering soft silk & a durable moulded-plastic base adds an elegant flair to this desk flag. One of our most popular table flags, it is light-weight, yet amazingly stable. Economical, yet very classy. An ideal choice for gifting or personal use.​​ All parts of this product can be easily removed/dismantled when required or replaced / interchanged with another.

  • Lantana Silk (100% Polyester) | Fast Colours. UV Resistant.
  • Perfect gift for any Indian or other national who would love to display their flag with pride
  • Laser-cut on all sides for a neat seamless finish | 
  • Flag Size – 4″ x 6″ | Full height – 10″
  • Durable moulded plastic chrome-plated base

Note: Other items maybe shown only for representation of the product & it’s size. They are not included with the flag.



Caution: The finial/top attached to the staff, is a small part & hence poses a CHOKING HAZARD, particularly for children under 4 years.

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