indian flag mounted on cars window with a plastic staff

Car Window Flag With A Plastic Base


Meet the most breathtaking car window flag ever, with our exclusive EndureTexTM fabric that offers a gorgeous shine and flawless strength. It simply doesn’t get any better than this! The plastic staff can easily be mounted/fit onto any cars’ window as seen in the image. Simply fix the bracket onto the car’s window and roll the window all the way to the top. If the window is not rolled up, it will cause the product to fall out. So express your solidarity and fly your flag all across town!

  • EndureTex (100% Warp-Knitted Polyester)
  • Fast Colours. UV Resistant
  • Super-strong, nylon double-lock stitched on all sides for maximum durability
  • Car Window Flag – 12″ x 18″ | Compatible with any vehicle that has it’s window rolled up
  • Durable plastic car-window staff. Staff has deliberately been made light & flexible to prevent loss/damage to the car’s window if anyone tries to pull/steal the flag

Note: Other items maybe shown only for representation of the product & it’s size. They are not included with the flag.


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