The Flag Corp considers any infringement of it’s copyrighted materials very seriously. Why you might wonder? It’s because usage of anybody’s content or work, without the consent or permission of it’s owner is simply unethical. And so not cool!

Which is why we have protected & copyrighted our websites & other pages on third party sites that display our content with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), which is the global leader for Premium Website Content Protection Services.


In a nutshell, what it means is that all our published content on this site & other third party sites are scanned, stored & indexed with DMCA, which enables them to routinely search for duplicate content all across the web. When their intelligent scanning system detects our content being used without our permission, their team of qualified internet experts initiate a case to have the stolen content(s) or website(s) taken down.

dmca certificate of the flag corp website

?Click on the above certificate to verify our DMCA Registration & Protection Services on their official website. ?