We’re here for one reason: Our love for making exceptional quality flags!

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The Journey

Our tryst with flags began in 1994 when Mr. Gyan Shah’s father wanted to buy a good quality Indian table flag for his newly renovated office. However, to his dismay he found no quality flag manufacturers in India. The only flags available then were the ones of Khadi (hand-made cotton), which were not appealing in terms of quality & durability. This was surprising to him, as India was known to be one of the leaders in the textile industry. Hence, there being no quality flag makers in India wasn’t possible, he thought. Having been in the business of textiles & plastics since 1972, he had the will & expertise of launching his own flag shop. Since then we have never looked back.

Our Experience

Today, under the leadership of Mr. Gyan Shah, we have evolved from a once led recreational/part-time business venture, to a full-fledged corporate entity that caters to a host of Indian & international clients such as Volkswagen, Essar Group, Apple Inc., Larsen & Toubro & Bank of America, to name a few, consequently becoming the largest manufacturers & exporters of revolutionary quality flags & flag accessories in India. Apart from manufacturing flags of all countries in various sizes, we also produce customised company logo flags, car flags, sports flags, outdoor flags, advertising/promotional flags, teardrop flags & banners, flag accessories and much more…

At The Flag Corp, we understand the significance of flags around the world. Our flags which are renowned for its quality & attractiveness, have helped us achieve several reputable accolades over the years, including the India 5000 Best MSME Awards, Quality Brands India Award, Bharat Vikas Ratan Award, Glory of India Award etc. and many more…

In addition, we are proud to have not only provided flags for leading events in India, such as the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, Formula 1 Indian GP, IPL & the Mumbai Marathons, but also manufactured flags & street banners for international sporting events like the AFC Asian Cup – Qatar 2011, Formula 1 Abu Dhabi GP & the London Olympics 2012.

Our flags are printed in-house, on our specially made super-fine silk polyester, 100% warp-knitted or woven polyester fabrics, depending upon customers’ requirements. We can also match & produce any specific fabric or quality required for export or custom orders.

Our Vision

Since our inception, we have made it a patriotic mission to spawn awareness for the Indian national flag, amongst numerous Indians who still have a misconception that common citizens/civilians are not permitted to own or display flags in their homes, cars, offices, factories & other premises. On the contrary, flags are unique & an invaluable gift. It enjoys the privilege of never being obsolete, unlike other complimentary gifts. It is something that nobody would consider throwing away but would instead, willingly look for a special place to display it.

Flags can be displayed for any purpose or occasion. Greeting international delegates, displaying it at conferences, seminars, exhibitions, offices, sports events, cars etc; but most importantly, being a true patriot & displaying it for no reason at all.

So express a little solidarity & fly your flag today! 


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  1. John says:

    Nice, I really enjoy quality flags, so I am glad I found this site – looks like you really care about putting quality flags out for home or office or even as gifts.  It’s also good to see that you have been doing this and being a lover of flags since the 90’s which is a great track record to count on. 

  2. Kumar says:

    Until recently, I had only come across flags made from cheap fabric and materials. These are not durable at all and are also not presentable. But I am glad to know that there is an option of buying quality flags. I have a few questions. Firstly, what is the quantity of orders that can be placed? Do you take only bulk orders or a few pieces can also be ordered? Also, what is the average time taken to complete the orders? Do the orders need to be placed well in advance or do you deliver orders in short spans too?

  3. Joel Kgomanyane says:

    It seems the company has been here for more than 4 decades, therefore it has amassed considerable amount of experience and reputation. So long as it is located in India, where textile industry is one of the cornerstone of the economy, it is bound to flourish. Congratulations for being able to supply flags to such prestigious events, as I am sure it is earned through hard work, good quality products and dedication to your customers.

    • Gyan Shah says:

      Thank you Joel for your kind words & interest in our products. We appreciate your association with us. Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries or flag requirements that you may have.

  4. Bonto says:

    Gyan, I am really impressed by your family’s initial drive to meet a need. Yours was motivated by an altruistic motive. No wonder you’ll have developed flags for companies like VW. I can see the quality of your flags too are very high & different from others as per the comments others have given too. Keep the fire burning!

  5. Enrique says:

    I love collecting flags! I started since I was in high school. My collection includes several small flags and a couple of large ones from countries all over the world.

    It can be hard to find quality, durable flags. Some of them fade too easily when washed or easily rip apart.

    I’ll bookmark your site for future reference. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Samantha says:

    Hello there! this is amazing. Indians are really blessed to have such a company dedicated with the vision to produce high quality Indian Flags, sincerely, its rare in other countries especially mine and as such I think they should be celebrated.

    I love the fact that the flags are printed in exclusive polyester fabrics. Great job!

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